Double Strength Aliphatic Stonebinder UVR. 6.5Kg kit

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A UV Resistant Resin Bound System

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A UV Resistant Resin Bound System that is a solvent free, two part aliphatic polyurethane kit developed specifically for creating light stable aggregate flooring. It will bind together a wide range of dried aggregates. The system is suitable for external applications. Typical applications include: driveways, footpaths, paths, patios and parks.

Our recommended mix design for the 6.5kg kit is

50kgs 2-5mm, 37.5kgs 1-3mm and 6.25kgs sand – Total 93.75kgs – % resin 6.93% – Coverage approximately 3.53m2 at 15mm and 3.13m2 at 18mm.

We recommend the use of an accelerator/catalyst to ensure even, consistent curing at temperatures below 15°C. 

The Key Benefits are:

Retains its colour – (UV Resistant)

Establishes excellent moisture tolerance quickly

Meets SUD’s regulations.

Withstands heavy foot traffic in as little as 24 hours.

Easy to use 2 part dispenser.


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