ResiGlass 50-Glass Clear 2 Part Epoxy Casting Resin Deep Pour

£13.10£84.99 exc VAT

For hobbyists and professional users alike, this is our superior quality glass clear epoxy 2 part casting resin and comes is two variants. Both variants boast the following characteristics:-
Excellent UV Resistance
Self De-Gassing Behavior (NO Bubbles if used correctly)
Easy Mixing Ratio 2 : 1

ResiGlass 50
Single Pour Castings up to 50mm. A highly versatile superior epoxy resin system for deeper pouring where a crystal clear glass finish is important. Absolutely perfect for sculpturing, river tables, furniture, mock-ups, models, trophies, embeddings, encasement of wedding flowers and a myriad of other art projects and purposes!

Also see our ResiGlass 10 which is suitable for shallow pour castings.